“Having the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Phil has significantly impacted the way I view substance use treatment. His passion, patience and empathy while working with this population was inspiring and granted me a new perspective on therapy. Dr. Phil does an amazing job at implementing his knowledge and past experiences to meet the client where they are and offer person-centered treatment specific to each person’s specific needs/ goals.” 

– Karina Chavez, MSW –

Dr. Phil is a knowledgeable mental health care provider, who has been a great part of the success of our clients. His empathy and sincere care for what he does is displayed through his passion and dedication. It was a pleasure sharing special educational moments with Dr. Phil.”

– Karla Flores, MFT (Senior Case Manager, Victory Starts Now) –

“I mean what can I say: Dr. Phil is an amazing person to be around. As my supervisor, he provided pertinent information and great examples to follow. While conducting one on one sessions and facilitating mental and substance abuse groups, Dr. Phil was there every step of the way, making me feel like I belong. There were room for mistakes, but I never felt like I was less than any other. Dr. Phil was not only my supervisor, but he also became my friend. He is empathetic and skillful.”

– Jennifer Bailey, MSW, MFT –